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Chamber and committees

COVID-19 Recovery Committee

Statement on committee priorities



The Committee will maintain oversight of Scotland’s ongoing response to COVID-19 through its scrutiny of Scottish Ministers. The Committee will also draw on the experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic to understand and influence how we can deliver an inclusive, ambitious and sustainable recovery.




  • Work in a collegiate and inclusive manner that seeks to maximise consensus;
  • Listen to a diverse range of people and a wide range of perspectives;
  • Maintain a flexible work programme that enables emerging issues to be scrutinised in a responsive way;
  • Identify key issues where the Committee can add value, including opportunities to work jointly with other committees to maximise impact, whilst avoiding duplication;
  • Make recommendations that are focused on improving long-term outcomes for the population, including children and young people; 
  • Incorporate human rights and sustainable development principles into our scrutiny approach.
Priorities for non-legislative scrutiny

  • The Committee has agreed to prioritise scrutiny of the ongoing public health measures being used to respond to COVID-19, including the vaccination programme, up until the Christmas recess.
  • In the new year, the Committee will prioritise its scrutiny on COVID-19 recovery, with a specific focus on health inequalities.


The Committee’s aims, objectives and priorities will be kept under review.

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