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School visits

We deliver education sessions to over 22,000 Scottish pupils every year.

About the tour

We have a range of options for visiting the Parliament, designed for Scottish schools and targeted at different stages of the curriculum.

These visits can include:

  • an activity
  • a tour
  • tickets to watch a debate
  • a question and answer session with MSPs

We also offer digital education sessions if you can't visit in person.

Schools from elsewhere in the UK, or the rest of the world, are encouraged to take a regular tour (we do not have content tailored to non-Scottish curriculums).

Visit the Education section for more information

More information

Plan your visit

For opening times, parking information and more, go to our plan your visit page.

Don't forget to stop at our shop and café during your visit!


Visitor guidelines

If you are visiting the Parliament, there is a code of behaviour that you need to follow.

For all visits, please:

  • remember that this is a working Parliamentary building
  • obey all instructions from Parliamentary officials
  • keep all bags with you or place them in the baggage store or public lockers
  • do not smoke in the building
  • do not eat or drink, except in the restaurants
  • return your “Visitor” lanyard and pass, when leaving
  • collect any items retained by Security as you go out
  • note that the display of banners, flags or political slogans, including on clothing and accessories, is forbidden

For visits to see parliamentary business, please:

  • enter, sit in and leave the galleries quietly
  • switch any mobile devices to silent
  • do not cause a distraction or disrupt parliamentary business – for example, telephone calls must not be taken or made
  • do not applaud or shout out during meetings
  • do not take photos, videos or make any form of recording during parliamentary business
  • obtain prior permission to paint, sketch or draw
  • remain seated throughout the whole 45-minute session, if your ticket is for First Minister’s Question Time
  • only use social media discreetly and in complete silence


Edinburgh, EH99 1SP

Days and times

Tuesdays to Thursdays



Other tours

Anytime, anywhere

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Experience the Parliament from wherever you are.

Monday to Saturday during recess

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Not part of a tour group? Individuals can book up to 9 tickets to join one of our scheduled guided tours. Find them here.