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Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs)

MSP salaries

The Scottish Parliament is responsible for the payment of salaries for MSPs and members of the Scottish Government.

These arrangements are made under the Scottish Parliament Salaries Scheme. They apply from 1 April 2023.

Office holder
 Annual salary  Annual salary (including MSP salary)   
 MSP  £67,662  £67,662
 MSP (dual mandate)  £22,554  £22,554
 First Minister  £98,016  £165,678
 Cabinet Secretary  £50,849  £118,511
 Minister  £31,854  £99,516
 Presiding Officer  £50,849  £118,511
 Deputy Presiding Officer  £31,854  £99,516
 Lord Advocate  £66,430  £134,092
 Solicitor General for Scotland  £48,038  £115,700


Details of MSP and Officeholder salaries from previous years

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