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Committees run a "call for views" when they want to hear opinions on a topic, usually to inform an inquiry.

You can search for any calls for views run by a committee since the start of the current session (May 2021).  Filter by individual committee, or search by the title of a call for views.  

You can also see which Proposed Bills are currently open for consultation.

Proposed Bills

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Displaying 6 calls for views

Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults (Scotland) Bill - Sharing your views

Status: Open

About this call for evidence - please read before progressing The purpose of this call for evidence is to gather views on the Bill. Those views will inform the Committees scrutiny. The call for views and analysis: aim to help the Committee under...

Closes: 16 August 2024

Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults (Scotland) Bill: Financial Memorandum

Status: Open

About the Bill Liam McArthur MSP introduced this Members Bill. It will allow terminally ill adults in Scotland, who are eligible, to lawfully request, and be provided with, assistance by health professionals to end their own life. Current Status of...

Closes: 16 August 2024

Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee Pre-Budget Scrutiny 2025-26

Status: Open

The Committee agreed to take a cumulative approach to budget scrutiny over Session 6, focusing on the culture spending portfolio. This inquiry follows on from the Committees previous pre-budget scrutiny in advance of Budget 2022-23, 2023-24 and 2024...

Closes: 09 August 2024

Managing Scotland’s Public Finances: A Strategic Approach

Status: Open

Background To inform this years pre-budget scrutiny, the Finance and Public Administration Committee will focus on three key areas: progress on the Scottish Governments public service reform programme the Scottish Governments approach to taxatio...

Closes: 12 August 2024

National Performance Framework: Inquiry into proposed National Outcomes

Status: Open

National Performance Framework The Scottish Government explains that the National Performance Framework is Scotlands wellbeing framework. The National Performance Framework aims to get everyone in Scotland to work together to deliver on the Nationa...

Closes: 28 June 2024

Pre-budget 2025-26 scrutiny - Third sector funding principles 

Status: Open

Every year the Social Justice and Social Security Committee looks at what the Scottish Government could consider when developing its budget. This year, the Committee has heard of concerns about funding challenges faced by the third sector. The Comm...

Closes: 16 August 2024