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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Health and Sport Committee 15 May 2018

Agenda: Subordinate Legislation, Scrutiny of NHS Boards (NHS Orkney, NHS Shetland and NHS Western Isles), Scrutiny of NHS Boards (NHS Ayrshire and Arran)



* Attended

The following also participated:

Simon Bokor-Ingram (NHS Shetland)

John Burns (NHS Ayrshire and Arran)

Chris Anne Campbell (NHS Western Isles)

Dr Martin Cheyne (NHS Ayrshire and Arran)

Neil Galbraith (NHS Western Isles)

Ian Kinniburgh (NHS Orkney)

Derek Lindsay (NHS Ayrshire and Arran)

Gerry O’Brien (NHS Orkney)

Ralph Roberts (NHS Shetland)

Clerk to the committee

David Cullum