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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee 12 September 2017

Agenda: Interests, Decision on Taking Business in Private, Draft Budget Scrutiny 2018-19



Good morning and welcome to the 22nd meeting in 2017 of the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee. I remind everyone to turn their electrical devices either to silent or off. I have received apologies from committee member Gordon MacDonald.

We move to agenda item 1. I invite our new committee member, Jamie Halcro Johnston, to declare any interests that he might have.

Thank you very much, convener. I refer members to my stated and published declaration of interests. I should also note that I am a partner in the family farming business, J Halcro-Johnston & Sons, and that I am a shareholder in Campaignhouse, which is currently being wound up. That process will probably be completed by the end of this month.