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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee 10 November 2020

Agenda: Decision on Taking Business in Private, Covid-19 (Impact on Businesses, Workers and the Economy), European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018


Decision on Taking Business in Private

The Convener (Gordon Lindhurst)

Good morning and welcome to the 34th meeting in 2020 of the Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee. Before I go any further, I welcome witnesses who are joining us remotely and advise them that some committee members are here in a committee room in the Scottish Parliament building and others are joining us remotely. If a witness wishes to respond to a question from a member, it would be helpful if you could type “R” in the chat box—of course, you do not all have to respond to every question.

We have received apologies from Alison Harris and Gordon MacDonald; John Mason is attending as Gordon MacDonald’s substitute.

Do members agree to take items 4 and 7 in private?

Members indicated agreement.