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The Scottish Parliament is in recess ahead of the election on 6 May.

Because of Covid-19, there are some changes to how the Parliament prepares for the election.

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Debates and questions

Equalities and Human Rights Committee 31 May 2018

The agenda for the day:

Interests, Decision on Taking Business in Private.


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The Convener (Christina McKelvie)

Good morning and welcome to the 16th meeting in 2018 of the Equalities and Human Rights Committee. I make the usual request that electronic devices are switched to airplane mode and that mobile phones are kept off the table.

Our first agenda item is a declaration of interests. Before we begin, I put on record the committee’s thanks to Jamie Greene for his service on the committee and for the important work that he undertook with us, particularly in respect of the Historical Sexual Offences (Pardons and Disregards) (Scotland) Bill. We wish him well on his next committee.

I welcome Oliver Mundell to the committee. We are very glad to have you on the committee, Oliver.

Oliver Mundell (Dumfriesshire) (Con)

Thank you, convener. I am delighted to be joining the committee. I have no relevant interests to declare.

The Convener

We hope that you will enjoy your time on the committee.

Decision on Taking Business in Private

Decision on Taking Business in Private
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The Convener

Agenda item 2 is a decision on whether to take in private the third item on today’s agenda. Do members agree to take item 3 in private?

Members indicated agreement.

09:01 Meeting continued in private until 11:33.