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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Thursday, November 10, 2016

Equalities and Human Rights Committee 10 November 2016

Agenda: Bullying and Harassment of Children and Young People in Schools



The following also participated

Iain Smith (Inclusion Scotland)

Bill Ramsay (Educational Institute of Scotland)

Brian Donnelly (Respect Me)

Cara Spence (LGBT Youth Scotland)

Carol Young (Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights)

Claire Menzies

Dr Gillean McCluskey (Scottish Council of Deans of Education)

Dr Kay Tisdall (University of Edinburgh)

Dr Rowena Arshad (University of Edinburgh)

Joanna Barrett (NSPCC Scotland/ChildLine Scotland)

Jordan Daly (Time for Inclusive Education)

Kathryn Dawson (Rape Crisis Scotland)