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About the Scottish Parliament

Standing Orders of the Scottish Parliament

The Standing Orders are the rules of procedure for the Parliament.

They have been made in accordance with the Scotland Act 1998.

Standing Orders of the Scottish Parliament, 6th Edition, 4th Revision (21 December 2021)


Annexe Temporary Rules

This annexe contains any temporary rules made under Rule 17.1A that are currently in force.

Temporary Rule 1  [deleted]

Temporary Rule 2  [deleted]

Temporary Rule 3   Access to the public gallery

1.  In light of the ongoing public response to the Novel coronavirus COVID-19, members of the public shall not be admitted to the public gallery during any meeting of the Parliament until 11 February 2022. 

2. Notwithstanding paragraph 1, the Presiding Officer may decide to admit members of the public to the public gallery in advance of 11 February 2022 if relevant legislation and public health guidance allow for it. 

3. Where provisions contained in the temporary rule are in conflict with other standing order provisions, those in the temporary rule have precedence.

Temporary Rule 4   Change to Mandatory Committee Remit and Name

1.  This rule applies to the committee mentioned in Rule 6.8.  It ceases to apply when the Parliament has taken a decision to amend rule 6.8 in accordance with Rule 17.1 or on 11 February 2022, whichever is the earlier.

2.  Where provisions contained in this temporary rule are in conflict with other standing order provisions, those in the temporary rule have precedence.

Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee 

3.  There shall be a committee, the remit of which is to consider and report on the following (and any additional matter added under Rule 6.1.5A)—

(a) the Scottish Government’s EU and external affairs policy;

(b) policy in relation to the UK’s exit from the EU;

(c) the international activities of the Scottish Administration, including international development; and

(d) any other matter falling within the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, External Affairs and Culture and any matter relating to inter-governmental relations within the responsibility of the Deputy First Minister.

[1] A correction has been made here as a printing point to include the correct cross-reference (paragraph 15, rather than the reference to paragraph 9 which was included in the original motion agreed by the Parliament).