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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Thursday, November 23, 2017

Social Security Committee 23 November 2017

Agenda: Temporary Convener, Interests, Convener


Temporary Convener

Alison Johnstone (Lothian) (Green)

Good morning, and welcome to the 23rd meeting in 2017 of the Social Security Committee. I remind everyone to turn mobile phones or other devices to silent mode, so that they do not interrupt the meeting. Apologies have been received from Pauline McNeill, who is attending a funeral.

Until we choose a convener, which we will do shortly, we do not have one. As our deputy convener is not present, we need to choose a temporary convener. Therefore, under rule 12.1, I am chairing the meeting for the purpose of choosing a temporary convener. Will someone nominate a temporary convener?

Ben Macpherson (Edinburgh Northern and Leith) (SNP)

I nominate Alison Johnstone.

Alison Johnstone

Thank you. Are members happy for me to continue as a temporary convener until the committee appoints a convener?

Members indicated agreement.