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Debates and questions

Equalities and Human Rights Committee 13 September 2018

The agenda for the day:

Interests, Convener.


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The Deputy Convener (Alex Cole-Hamilton)

Welcome to the 22nd in 2018 meeting of the Equalities and Human Rights Committee. I ask members to ensure that electronic devices are switched to silent. We have apologies from Gail Ross, who is still unwell, and we are joined by Linda Fabiani as a substitute member.

I welcome Ruth Maguire as a new member of the committee. Our first agenda item is to invite her to declare any interests that she may have.

Ruth Maguire (Cunninghame South) (SNP)

I have no relevant interests to declare.


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The Deputy Convener

Our next item is the choice of a new convener, following the departure of Christina McKelvie, who has been bumped from the ranks to ministerial office. On 1 June, the Parliament agreed to motion S5M-00278, which resolved that members of the Scottish National Party are eligible to be chosen as convener of the committee. I seek a nomination for the convener.

Linda Fabiani (East Kilbride) (SNP) (Committee Substitute)

I nominate Ruth Maguire.

The Deputy Convener

I seek a seconder for the nomination.

Fulton MacGregor (Coatbridge and Chryston) (SNP)

I second the nomination.

Ruth Maguire was chosen as convener.

The Convener (Ruth Maguire)

I thank Alex Cole-Hamilton for holding the reins so ably in the absence of a convener. I add my thanks to Christina McKelvie for her service to the committee as convener and wish her well in her role of Minister for Older People and Equalities.

Our next item will be to consider the committee’s approach to pre-budget scrutiny of the 2019-20 draft budget. The committee has previously agreed to consider such discussions in private. Before I suspend the meeting and move into private session, I advise that at our next meeting on 20 September, the committee will continue taking evidence on the Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Bill and will hear from Police Scotland and organisations that represent children.

09:32 Meeting continued in private until 09:50.