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Sustainable development route maps: Session 6

These route maps highlight the journey we are on across key areas of sustainable development within the Scottish Parliament.

Sustainable Development Thinking

“Sustainable development thinking” is about considering the environmental and social impacts when making a decision or taking action in our roles at the Parliament. Find out about the steps we are taking to embed sustainable development thinking across the whole organisation.

  • Completed
  • In progress
  • Not started yet
2021 2021
2022 2022
  • Royal Scottish Geographical Society's climate solutions training offered to MSPs

  • Final version of SDIA tool published with explanatory notes and guidance

  • Circular economy training and engagement

    • Circular economy news post created in collaboration with the Parliament’s Sustain Network. (The Sustain Network is a forum for staff to explore positive action in reducing our personal and collective environmental impact.) 

    • Mending sessions with the Edinburgh Remakery

    • Circular economy talk from the Edinburgh Remakery 

    • Contract manager training on sustainable development focusing on net zero and circular economy

    • in-person workshop with contract managers and suppliers to increase their knowledge of circular economy, net zero and community benefits 

  • SDIA Tool used for decision-making in:

    • Business travel with Sustainable Development Board 

    • Printing with Finance Team

    • Reconfiguration of an office space to support new hybrid and hot-desking working arrangements 

2023 2023
  • Second circular economy training session for contract managers

  • Biodiversity training and engagement focus

2024 2024
  • Focus on climate-change adaptation training and engagement

    • “Climate change adaptation” means preparing for the impacts of climate change which cannot be avoided, such as preparing the building for extreme weather events and exploring the impacts of climate change on our supply chain and travel to the Parliament building. 

2025 2025
  • Focus on climate-change mitigation training and engagement 

  • Sustainable Development continuous professional development

  • Training and awareness review

  • Prepare for MSP sustainability training for the next Parliamentary session