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Sustainable development route maps: Session 6

These route maps highlight the journey we are on across key areas of sustainable development within the Scottish Parliament.

Scope 3 Emissions

“Scope 3 emissions” are indirect emissions created by an organisation’s activities. These include water, waste and business travel, which are currently included in our carbon footprint. Scope 3 also includes commuting, homeworking and energy usage from constituency offices. We are taking steps to expand the measurement and monitoring of our Scope 3 emissions and then find ways to reduce these emissions.

  • Completed
  • In progress
  • Not started yet
2021 2021
  • Scope 3 emission inventory and assessment completed

  • Create a model to capture emissions from our supply chain to measure, monitor and start to reduce emissions

  • Carry out homeworking emissions study

  • Promote reusable food containers and encourage staff to use them

  • Business travel review 

    • Review highlighted the need for a business travel policy

2022 2022
  • Develop the 2021 model to improve data collection and focus on the 5 suppliers with the highest emissions

    • This work is ongoing

  • Identify priority Scope 3 Emissions to reduce and remove 

  • End off-site storage 

    • In 2022 we closed 14 storage units at LEN Lothian

    • We now have off-site storage with our furniture contractors as we need that facility so we can reuse items

  • Publish a revised ‘Sustainable Travel Plan’

  • Supply-chain carbon-reduction training for contract managers

    • Hosted an in-person workshop in April 2022 with contract managers and suppliers to increase their knowledge on circular economy, net zero and community benefits

    • Supply-chain carbon-reduction training for contract managers

  • 50% of suppliers to have net zero targets

    • 62% of suppliers surveyed actually had a net zero goal in place

  • Circular economy training for purchasing managers and contract managers 

  • Review measures to reduce the use of the on-site car park

    • Car park closed for car-free day to push behaviour change 

2023 2023
  • Publish ‘Guidance on Energy Reduction’ for MSP constituency offices and provide advice on energy efficiency

  • Run supplier workshop to share best practice on how to remove carbon

  • Run project to install electric bike-charging facilities 

  • Review all products purchased by the Scottish Parliamentary Service and remove unnecessary purchases

2024 2024
  • Review catering provision to reduce high-carbon food items

  • Run project to explore if our borehole water can be used to flush toilets in MSP block. Borehole water has a lower environmental impact than using mains water

  • One-third of parking spaces in the underground car park to be electric-charging spaces