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Sustainable development route maps: Session 6

These route maps highlight the journey we are on across key areas of sustainable development within the Scottish Parliament.

  • Completed
  • In progress
  • Not started yet


  • Review of contracts and suppliers to establish biodiversity impact of purchased good and services – continued from 2022.  Completed by Bright Green Business Placement Intern who identified priority contracts to work with.

  • Survey of biodiversity in the Scottish Parliament grounds.  Due to weather patterns this survey was delayed to 2024.

  • Review and expand on the number of outdoor information boards in the landscaped areas. This project is being progressed and the aim is for it to be completed in early 2024. 

  • Review of bird and bat boxes in the landscaped area.  There are currently 4 bat boxes (2 at Dynamic Earth and 2 on each of the trees at Horse Wynd). The plan is to install a further two each in 2024

  • Carry out a bat survey around the Parliament grounds. Bat surveys are best carried out in the summer months and due to challenges finding a bat specialist to carry out the survey, this has been postponed to summer 2024.

  • Review and enhance the beekeeping contract.  The contract has been extended by a further year.

Circular Economy and Waste

  • Review proposed Deposit Return Scheme to see how Parliament can take part or contribute to it

    • The Deposit Return Scheme has now been delayed until October 2025. This Parliament will revisit this work during early 2025

  • Sustainable Development Procurement Manager to review suppliers and contracts to identify priority areas to work on and areas of best practice

  • Review options for phasing out single-use plastic such as plastic drinks bottles

  • Establish a target and plan to reduce single-use stationery items (such as envelopes)

  • Second circular economy training session for purchasing managers and contract managers 

Sustainable Development Thinking

  • Second circular economy training session for contract managers

  • Biodiversity training and engagement focus

Net Zero

  • Following on from initial investigations for decarbonising the operations of the building, set out critical pathway, order of works and cost of achieving net-zero operations.  A Net Zero Ready Plan has been developed. For more information please see the Carbon Management Plan.

  • Improve thermal efficiency of the building

  • Switch to a new electric van for Parliament operations

  • Explore how to deal with residual emissions

Scope 3 Emissions

  • Publish ‘Guidance on Energy Reduction’ for MSP constituency offices and provide advice on energy efficiency

  • Run supplier workshop to share best practice on how to remove carbon

  • Run project to install electric bike-charging facilities 

  • Review all products purchased by the Scottish Parliamentary Service and remove unnecessary purchases