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Sustainable development route maps: Session 6

These route maps highlight the journey we are on across key areas of sustainable development within the Scottish Parliament.

Net Zero

These are the milestones on our journey to reduce our direct carbon emissions and be net zero by 2038.

  • Completed
  • In progress
  • Not started yet
2021 2021
  • Updated Carbon Management Plan: Net Zero Ready published 

  • Focus on net zero-ready initiatives such as removing the use of gas for heating and cooking and insulating the building, as we strive to have a green recovery from Covid.

2022 2022
  • Prepare building and actively investigate options for decarbonising operations

    • Our engineering consultant’s report highlighted a need for fabric improvement and energy-efficiency measures across the building before moving from gas to alternative (ground or air-source heat pumps, renewable district energy network).

  • One of our chillers was replaced with more efficient chiller modules, which also uses a refrigerant gas with lower Global Warming Potential 

  • Improve thermal efficiency of the building

    • Plans in place for 2023 to start the process of insulating Queensberry House which includes attic-enhanced insulation and wall lining 

  • Residual emissions study by Edinburgh University student

  • Use digital twin to model impact of behavioural changes on energy usage such as closing building or certain areas on different days. The digital twin modelling highlighted: 

    • Savings of around 8% (reduction in energy consumption) through building closure over October and Christmas breaks. This would increase to 10-14% if  broadcasting equipment could also be turned off 

    • Closing Queensberry House and MSP building from Monday to Friday would save around 25%

    • Reducing lighting power across the building by half would save around 10% in energy consumption

2023 2023
  • Following on from initial investigations for decarbonising the operations of the building, set out critical pathway, order of works and cost of achieving net-zero operations.  A Net Zero Ready Plan has been developed. For more information please see the Carbon Management Plan.

  • Improve thermal efficiency of the building

  • Switch to a new electric van for Parliament operations

  • Explore how to deal with residual emissions

2024 2024
  • Ensure any new chillers use low Global Warming Potential gas

  • Change gas cookers to electric when at end of life

2025 2025
  • Investigate options for offsetting carbon emissions that cannot be reduced

  • Investigate air-source heat pumps for hot water

2026 2026
  • 66% reduction in emissions (based on 2005/06) by end of Session 6

  • Future goals:

    • Switch gas to alternative decarbonised source of energy

    • Minimise emissions as much as possible before offsetting those we cannot

    • Net Zero by 2038