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This Cross-party group's purpose:

To establish a forum for Palestinians living in Scotland. 

To promote a solution for the Palestinian people recognising the justice of their cause and the need for the Israeli and Palestinian leadership to adhere to UN resolutions and International Law.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Cross Party Group on Palestine will be held on Tuesday 19 June at 6.00pm in CR 4

Get in touch

If you want to get in touch, you can contact Chris White

Address: The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP

Involved in the group

MSPs, individuals and organisations who participate in and support this group.

Current Members

James Dornan


Party: Scottish National Party

MSP for: Glasgow Cathcart (Constituency)

Pauline McNeill


Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Glasgow (Region)

Sarah Boyack


Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Lothian (Region)

Party: Scottish Green Party

MSP for: North East Scotland (Region)

Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Lothian (Region)

Katy Clark


Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: West Scotland (Region)

Ross Greer


Party: Scottish Green Party

MSP for: West Scotland (Region)

Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: North East Scotland (Region)

Non MSP Individuals

Mixar Krayem

Karen Bett - secretary

Maureen Jack

Amy McNeese-Mechan

Wael Shawish

Rehan Ahmed Raza

Zahir Haider

Hala George

Mike Orr

Anne Alden

Pat Bryden

Anna Sardesai

Phil Lucas

David Beamish

Carol Morton

Allan Gordon

Colin Cooper

Jan Benvie

Evelyn McGregor

Azzam Mohamad

Vicky McGraw

Charles McGraw

Jon Pullman

Monica Spooner

Roger Spooner

Mike Whitehead

Jock McDougal

Susan Moffat

Eurig Scandrett

Jim Malone

Douglas Brook

John Badenhorst

Phil Chetwynd

Dr. Graham Watt

Liz Elkind

Frank Thomas

Dorothy Thomas

Peter McDade

Roz Currie

Asif Dean

Chris Wigglesworth

Josephine Doorley

Lars Petersson

Peter MacDonald

Sofiah MacLeod

Nadia El-Nakla

Anita Shanley

Denis Rutovitz

Kate Aspinwall

Khaled Khalil

Tony Grahame

Husam Freikh

Riyadh Almasharqal

Mohammed Elhams

Jane Schonveld

Kathleen Gibb

Alison Waugh

Mark Calder

Emman El-Bahnassay

Philippa Bonnella

Michael Mineter

Susan McGill

Sandra Horne

Tom Burnham

Basia Gordon

Shirley Melvin

Halla Keir<span<> </span<>

Rohan Talbot

Craig Horne

Isabella Gabrovsky

Sandra burt

Dr. Bashier Oudeh

Iina Jaara