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This Cross-party group's purpose:

To provide a platform for MSPs and others with an interest in co-operation and mutuality to increase awareness of the co-operative model and its contribution to Scotland's social and economic development, promote co-operation as a vital component of Scotland's future, and to work with the Scottish Government, Co-Operative Development Scotland and the sector to identify how best to sustain existing co-operative and mutual groups and to encourage an increase in co-operative working in Scotland.

Next meeting

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

The next meeting of CPG on Co-operatives has been arranged for 13 December 2023 between 1pm and 2pm in The Smith Room T1.40-CR5 and this will include the AGM.

Get in touch

If you want to get in touch, you can contact Tom Laing, Co-operatives UK 


Involved in the group

MSPs, individuals and organisations who participate in and support this group.

Current Members

Paul Sweeney


Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Glasgow (Region)

Claire Baker

Deputy Convener

Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Mid Scotland and Fife (Region)

Sarah Boyack


Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Lothian (Region)

Party: Scottish Green Party

MSP for: North East Scotland (Region)

Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Lothian (Region)

Monica Lennon


Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Central Scotland (Region)

Paul O'Kane


Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: West Scotland (Region)

Colin Smyth


Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: South Scotland (Region)

Evelyn Tweed


Party: Scottish National Party

MSP for: Stirling (Constituency)

Non MSP Individuals

Carol G Boden, 
Darah Zahran, 
Duncan Thorp, 
James Booth, 
Louise Scott, 
Lucinda Broadbent, 
Richard McCready, 
Steve West, 
Garreth Roberts, 
David Somervell, 
Kattie Little, 
Chris Cowcher, 
James Baster, 
Jaye Martin, 
Suzanne Orchard, 
Gillian Kirton, 
Jack Lord, 
Martin Meteyard, 
Stephen Kelly, 
Ruth Hall, 
James Proctor, 
Katharine McCrossan, 
Stephen Gill, 
Andy Maybury, 
Fasil Bogale, 
John Dalley, 
Pat Strutton, 
Anne Thomson, 
Dr Andrea Tonner, J
im Mackenzie, 
Hayley Street, 
Larke Adger, 
David Mills 
Nariese Whyte, 
Erin Smith,
Juliette Summers


Co-operatives UK, 
Greencity Wholefoods, 
VME Co-op, 
Association of Scottish green Councillors, 
Scottish Co-operative Party