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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Education and Skills Committee 24 May 2017

Agenda: Subordinate Legislation, Workforce Planning (Schools), Annual Report, School Infrastructure (Witness Expenses)


Subordinate Legislation

The Convener (James Dornan)

Good morning and welcome to the Education and Skills Committee’s 16th meeting in 2017. I remind everyone present to turn mobile phones and other devices to silent for the duration of the meeting.

I am keen for the business of the meeting to go ahead as normal but, before we begin, I add the committee’s support to the statements made by the Presiding Officer, the First Minister and other party leaders yesterday in the chamber about the terrorist act in Manchester. Given our role in dealing with children’s future, it is appropriate for us to have a moment of reflection for those who were injured and those who lost their lives in that dreadful event.

Members observed a short silence.

Academic Awards and Distinctions (University of the Highlands and Islands) (Scotland) Order of Council 2017 (SSI 2017/146)

The Convener

We have received apologies from Tavish Scott, who is on a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association visit.

The committee has one piece of negative subordinate legislation to consider. Does the committee have any comments to make on the order of council?

Liz Smith (Mid Scotland and Fife) (Con)

I do not have comments on the instrument, but I think that the development is welcome. The issue and other related issues have been before the committee many times. I know that there has been a detailed process to get to this stage. It is good news, and the committee should note that.

The Convener

Does anyone else have comments?

Members: No.