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Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs)

Members' expenses

MSPs can claim money back for "expenses" (costs).  These must be costs from carrying out their duties in Parliament or helping their constituents. 

Search MSP travel and expenses claims



Search MSP expenses

View MSP expenses claims with our allowances search tool.

Some information may not available because it has been “redacted” (removed) for privacy or security.  This includes information like:

  • MSP addresses
  • addresses travelled to (which may include constituents’ addresses)
  • names of hotels used
  • details of MSP staff
  • information related to disabilities

Claim months

Because of the way claims are processed, they are searchable by “claim month”. Some claims may cover several months. When this happens, the claim date is the first date of the claim. For example a claim covering January, February and March will have January as the claim month.

Verifiable expenses

Allowances are only reimbursed if they have invoices or receipts. The only exception is mileage. This is detailed in a claim form and paid at a set rate.

Tax Liability

MSPs must pay tax on certain expenses. These include:

  • some travel, such as from their home to their local office
  • buying some office equipment that might have a re-sale value if the office closes

The Allowances Office can give MSPs advice on what might be taxed.

MSP staff salaries

Individual MSP staff salaries are not shown because of data protection. Staff costs are published annually as a total cost for all staff an MSP employs.

Staff Cost Provision 2022-23

MSPs can:

  • employ their own staff
  • employ their own staff and “pool” (share) costs to employ other staff who are shared by a group of MSPs

Most parties form a “group pool” (a pool of support staff for the whole parliamentary party) and share costs between MSPs. Each MSP in the group contributes to the cost of the pool.