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Chronic Pain

This Cross-party group's purpose:

The aim of the Group is to raise awareness of how those with chronic pain are treated and to work for earlier and better care. 

The Group aims to raise awareness of the condition amongst parliamentarians, to influence legislation and policy makers in order to improve the lives of people affected. 

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Get in touch

If you want to get in touch, you can contact Dorothy-Grace Elder


Involved in the group

MSPs, individuals and organisations who participate in and support this group.

Current Members

Mackay, Rona

Rona Mackay


Party: Scottish National Party

MSP for: Strathkelvin and Bearsden (Constituency)

Briggs, Miles

Miles Briggs

Deputy Convener

Party: Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

MSP for: Lothian (Region)

Lennon, Monica

Monica Lennon

Deputy Convener

Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Central Scotland (Region)

Adamson, Clare

Clare Adamson


Party: Scottish National Party

MSP for: Motherwell and Wishaw (Constituency)

Baillie, Jackie

Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Dumbarton (Constituency)

Carlaw, Jackson

Party: Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

MSP for: Eastwood (Constituency)

Cole-Hamilton, Alex

Party: Scottish Liberal Democrats

MSP for: Edinburgh Western (Constituency)

Duncan-Glancy, Pam

Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Glasgow (Region)

Gulhane, Sandesh

Party: Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

MSP for: Glasgow (Region)

O'Kane, Paul

Paul O'Kane


Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: West Scotland (Region)

Non MSP Individuals

Dorothy-Grace Elder  - secretary

Prof Martyn Steultjens 

John Thomson 

Lord George Foulkes 

Dr Colin Rae 

Margaret McInnes 

Councillor Frank McAveety 

Rob Friel 

A Floyd 

Katherine Kilgour 

Fiona Collins 

David Caulfield 

Rob McDowall 

Prof Jim McEwen 

Bailie Josephine Docherty 

Maire Whitehead 

Dr David Weeks 

Bill Sinclair 

Claire Schiavone 

Laura Clark 

Maureen McAllister 

Tasneem Nadeem 

Mohammed Nadeem 

Akhtar Javaid 

Laura Grant 

Margaret Searle 

Lyssa Clayton 

Helen Campbell 

Ian Brogan 

Anne Simpson 

Karen Hooten 

Jim Eadie 

Marion Scott 

Irene O’Neill 

John Mutch 

Dr Andreas Kelch, 

Lesley Riddoch 

Martha Heaney 

Anne Cassels 

Jacquie Forde 

Irene Logan 

Linda Tierney 

John Lawrence 

Dr Martin Johnson 

Dr Helen Jackson 

Dr Mike Serpell 

Alasdair Barron 

Lloyd Mawson 

Vicky Bulman 

Drew Searil, 

Susan Archibald 

Alan Watt 

Billy Hillhouse 

Helen McCluskey 

Anne Murray 

Christine Martin 

Linda Mawson 

Frank Mawson 

Pete McCarron 

Marion Scott 

Olive McIlroy 

Lisa Megginson 

June Greenhorn 

Nancy Honeyball 

Karen Neil 

Claire Daisley 

Pauline Firth 

Janice Castlemilk 

Lorna Kettles 

K. Humphreys 

Jean Rafferty 

Marie Fallon 

Michael Grieve 

Selina Mehra 

Iain McPhee 

George Welsh 

Sue Lavery 


Lynn Laidlaw 

John Russell 

Russell Malcolm 

Dr Bill Macrae 

Amber Welsh 

L Bennie 

Miriam Smith 

Fiona Stalker 

Graeme Houston 

Gillian Watt 

Lorna Farrell 

Marion Macmillan 

P T Weir 

Marian Kenny 

Donald Macaskill 

Elizabeth Roper 

Heather Ann Baxter 

Christine Macdonald 

Adam Stachura 

Owen Hughes 

Rab Wilson 

Rona Agnew 

Carla Kaspar 

Steve Kent 

Liza Horan 

Nan Black 

Lucie Black 

Keir McKechnie 

Craig Smith 

Kathleen Powderly 

Dr Patrick Trust 

Irene Loudon Dr Malcolm Maclean 

Ming Robertson 

Frances Boyle 

Hazel Young 

Ooi Thye Chong 

Catherine Hughes 

Anne Hughes 

Fiona Robinson 

Margaret Coats 

Des Quinn 

Arlene Byrne 

I.J. Tierney 

Geraldine McGuigan 

Janice Connelly 

Irene R. Logan 

Josie Isles 

Dr Jackie Mardon 

Anne Marie Diamond 

Dr Mary Loudon 

Liz Barrie 

Gordon Barrie 

Dr Sabu James 

Greg Halliday 

Lynsay Brasington 

Lauraine Macdonald 

Ruth Lewis 

Kay Hildersley 

Prof Colin Howie 

Paulo Quadros. Kenny Boyle 

Katharine Kilgour 

James Sandeman 

Claire Stevens 

Marion Butchart 

Elric Honore 

Alex Stobart 

Nicola Mills 

Margaret Wyllie 

Ian Semmons 

Karen Hooton 

Irene Loudon 

Dr Malcolm Maclean 

Ming Robertson 

Frances Boyle. David Caulfield 

Carole Brown Joanna McParland 

Claire Watson 

Claire Headspeath 

Dr Kirsty Proctor 

Baiiie Soryia Siddique 

Isabella Smith 

Paul Smith 

Alex Neil 

Hussein Patwa 

Marion Brown 

Jim McBeth 

Peter Gordon 

Lorraine Purdie 

Stuart McIver 

Barbara Melville 


Action on Pain UK 

Inclusion Scotland 

Glasgow Disability Alliance 

Scottish Care 

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Scotland 

Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow 

Scottish Mesh Survivors campaign 

Community Pharmacy Scotland 

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council UK 

Fibromyalgia Friends Scotland 

FFU-Scotland (Fibromyalgia) 

Fibromyalgia Action UK 


Independent Federation of Nurses in Scotland 

Cope Scotland 


Campaign for a Safe & Accountable NHS in Scotland 

Healthcare Improvement Scotland 

Leuchie House respite centre 

National Osteoporosis Society 

Royal College of General Practitioners 


Scottish Neurological Society 

Marfan Association 

Femme Fatigue 

Glasgow Caledonian University 

CPG on Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Conditions 

Equality Council 

Open Democracy 

Scottish Care 

Friends of the Centre for Integrative Care 

Open Government.  

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Annual return / report

Annual return / report