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Chamber and committees

Criminal Justice Committee

Meeting Minutes

16th Meeting, 2023

  • Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2023
  • Session: 6
  • Location: T4.60-CR6 The Livingstone Room
  • Meeting opened at: 10:00
  • Meeting closed at: 12:27
  • Published: Wednesday, May 24, 2023 03:58pm

Committee Members Attendees

1 Decision on taking business in private:

The Committee agreed to take item 8 in private.

2 Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill (UK Parliament legislation):

The Committee took evidence on legislative consent memorandum LCM(S6)35 from—

Tom Arthur, Minister for Community Wealth and Public Finance, George Burgess, Director of Agriculture and Rural Economy, George Dickson, Team Leader Detect and Disrupt, Defence, Security and Cyber Resilience and Kirsty Anderson, Solicitor, Legal Directorate, Scottish Government.

3 Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill (UK Parliament legislation):

The Committee considered the legislative consent memorandum lodged by Shona Robison, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Finance (LCM(S6)35). The Committee agreed, in principle, with the recommendation set out in the Scottish Government's draft motion. However, it noted that a supplementary legislative consent memorandum may be forthcoming and agreed to return to the issue at a later date.

4 Priorities in the Justice Sector and an Action Plan:

The Committee considered correspondence from the Scottish Government, the Scottish Prison Service, COSLA, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum and the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service.

5 Subordinate legislation:

The Committee considered the following negative instrument—

Discontinuance of Cornton Vale Prison (Scotland) Order 2023 (SSI 2023/132)

The Committee agreed to make no recommendations in relation to the instrument.

6 Victims, Witnesses, and Justice Reform (Scotland) Bill (In Private):

The Committee agreed its approach to the scrutiny of the Bill at Stage 1.

7 Work programme (In Private):

The Committee considered its work programme.

8 Annual report (In Private):

The Committee considered a draft annual report for the parliamentary year from 13 May 2022 to 12 May 2023. Various changes were agreed to, and the report was agreed for publication.

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