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Chamber and committees

Justice Committee

Meeting date: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Agenda: Decision on Taking Business in Private, Legislative Consent Memorandums, Domestic Abuse (Protection) (Scotland) Bill: Stage 2, Subordinate Legislation, Justice Sub-Committee on Policing (Report Back), Legislative Consent Memorandums, Domestic Abuse (Protection) (Scotland) Bill: Stage 2, Subordinate Legislation


Legislative Consent Memorandums

Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill

The Convener

The next item is consideration of legislative consent memorandums on two United Kingdom Government bills. I refer members to the relevant note on the bills from the clerks, which is in our pack. Do members have comments?

John Finnie (Highlands and Islands) (Green)

I ask the cabinet secretary to expand on two matters. Will he give a simple explanation of whether the UK Government seeks to fetter ministerial decision making in relation to sentencing in Scotland? Will he please clarify the Scottish Government’s position on the use of polygraphs?

The Convener

Those questions are for the cabinet secretary, but I am not sure whether he is with us. If he is, I ask him to address those points.

We will have to come back to the issues that Mr Finnie raised. The cabinet secretary will join us for later agenda items, including consideration of a bill at stage 2, but I am not sure whether we have access to him at the moment. Are members content to postpone consideration of the item until the cabinet secretary is with us?

I think that members are content to do that.