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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Education and Skills Committee 06 June 2018

Agenda: Interests, Decision on Taking Business in Private, Young People’s Pathways



The Deputy Convener (Johann Lamont)

I welcome everyone to the Education and Skills Committee’s 17th meeting in 2018. I remind everyone to turn their mobile phones and other devices to silent for the duration of the meeting. We have received apologies from the convener, James Dornan, which explains why I am in a more powerful position today. I am delighted to welcome Clare Adamson as his substitute.

The first item of business is a declaration of interests following a change in the committee’s membership. I welcome to the committee Gordon MacDonald, and I take the opportunity to thank Ruth Maguire for her valuable contribution to our work. I invite Gordon MacDonald to declare any relevant interests.

Gordon MacDonald (Edinburgh Pentlands) (SNP)

I have no relevant interests to declare.