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Schools (Residential Outdoor Education) (Scotland) Bill

Liz Smith MSP introduced this Member’s Bill. It will establish that all pupils in state and grant-aided schools will have the chance to experience at least four nights and five days of residential outdoor education during their school career.

The Bill is at Stage 1



The Member in charge of the Bill introduces the Bill and accompanying documents to the Parliament which publishes the Bill.

The Bill was introduced on 20 June 2024

Bill as introduced

Additional member in charge

An Additional member in charge is another member designated by the member in charge. Designation of another member as member in charge can be made at any time, but is normally made at the time of introduction. It gives the member who introduced the Bill an assurance that any necessary procedural steps can still be taken if they are unavailable for a period or on a particular occasion.

Brian Whittle MSP is the additional member in charge for the Schools (Residential Outdoor Education) (Scotland) Bill

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Delegated Powers Memorandum

Information on the powers the Bill gives the Scottish Ministers and others to make “secondary legislation” (usually regulations) and to the Scottish Ministers (such as to make guidance).

Statements on Legislative Competence

Statements on whether the Bill is within the Parliament’s “legislative competence” (if the Parliament has the power to make the changes to the law proposed by the Bill).

Scottish Parliament research on the Bill

Read the research done by the Scottish Parliament on specific parts of the Bill:

Research briefings will be published in due course.