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Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

The Bill changes the process to get a gender recognition certificate (GRC). A GRC is a certificate that legally recognises that a person’s gender is not the gender that they were assigned at birth, but is their “acquired gender”.

The current process for obtaining a GRC is set out in the Gender Recognition Act 2004. This Bill amends that Act to make a new process in Scotland.

The Bill sets out:

  • who can apply for a GRC
  • how to make an application
  • the grounds on which an application is to be granted

It also makes provision about:

  • different types of GRC that may be issued in different circumstances (“full” GRCs and “interim” GRCs)
  • appeals and reviews of decisions to grant (or not grant) GRCs
  • revocation of a GRC and offences in connection with false information being provided in an application

The Bill ended Stage 3 on 22 December 2022



The Scottish Government introduces the Bill and accompanying documents to the Parliament which publishes the Bill.

The Bill was introduced on 02 March 2022

Bill as introduced

Ministerial Statement

The Introduction of the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

Financial resolution

The Presiding Officer has decided under Rule 9.12 of Standing Orders that a financial resolution is not required for this Bill.

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Delegated Powers Memorandum

Information on the powers the Bill gives the Scottish Ministers and others to make “secondary legislation” (usually regulations) and to the Scottish Ministers (such as to make guidance).

Statements on Legislative Competence

Statements on whether the Bill is within the Parliament’s “legislative competence” (if the Parliament has the power to make the changes to the law proposed by the Bill).

Scottish Parliament research on the Bill

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