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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Thursday, December 20, 2018

Meeting of the Parliament 20 December 2018

Agenda: General Question Time, Lockerbie Bombing (30th Anniversary), First Minister’s Question Time


Lockerbie Bombing (30th Anniversary)

Before we move to First Minister’s question time, the First Minister would like to make a statement about the 30th anniversary of the Lockerbie tragedy.


I am grateful for the opportunity to reflect briefly on the 30th anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing, which is tomorrow. Tomorrow, the Solicitor General will attend events in the United States, and the Lord Advocate will represent the Scottish Government at the memorial service in Lockerbie. I know that several local MSPs will also attend commemorations. However, I am sure that everyone in the chamber will reflect on the anniversary in some way.

First and foremost, we will remember those who died on 21 December 1988—270 people, from a total of 21 nations. We will think about all those who lost loved ones, and about everyone who has been affected by the tragedy—for example, people in our emergency services, who work so hard in such incredibly difficult and traumatic circumstances. Of course, we will think about the residents of Lockerbie.

In doing so, we will reflect on how an almost unimaginable tragedy brought out incredible reserves of solidarity, compassion and love. The bereaved showed immense dignity and resilience. People in Lockerbie and the surrounding area opened their hearts to those who had lost loved ones. Enduring ties and friendships have been created. For example, Syracuse University, which lost 35 of its students in the bombing, now accepts two scholarship students from Lockerbie academy every year. That is a powerful example of the way in which people have worked to remember the past in a way in that also builds hope for the future.

That hope is part of the legacy of Lockerbie, and it is something to hold in our hearts tomorrow, as we look back on the tragedy, as we think about all those who lost loved ones and as we remember and honour all those who died.