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Chamber and committees

Health and Sport Committee

Meeting date: Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Agenda: Subordinate Legislation, Health and Social Care Integration Budgets, Petition



Gender-neutral Human Papillomavirus Vaccination (PE1477)

Item 4 is petition PE1477, which was referred to us by the Public Petitions Committee and which we previously discussed on 13 September. I invite members to give their views on the petition.

My view is that we should keep the petition open and wait for the results that will come back to us next year.

Do you mean the results of the on-going work?


The Convener

Are there any other views on what we should do with the petition? If not, are we happy to support Ivan McKee’s position on it?

Members indicated agreement.

Thank you. As agreed earlier, we will now go into private session.

11:43 Meeting continued in private until 12:15.