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Chamber and committees

Health and Sport Committee

Meeting date: Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Agenda: Subordinate Legislation, Scrutiny of NHS Boards (NHS Fife)


Subordinate Legislation

National Assistance (Assessment of Resources) Amendment (Scotland) (No 2) Regulations 2019 (SSI 2019/171)

The Convener (Lewis Macdonald)

Good morning and welcome to the 17th meeting of the Health and Sport Committee in 2019. We have received apologies from David Stewart MSP, and Anas Sarwar is attending as a substitute member. I ask everyone in the room please to ensure that mobile phones are off or on silent and not to use mobile devices for recording or photography.

The first item on the agenda is subordinate legislation and consideration of a negative instrument. Under the National Assistance (Assessment of Resources) Amendment (Scotland) (No 2) Regulations, advanced payments to survivors of child sexual abuse who are over 70 or terminally ill will not affect local authority assessments for charging for care. The Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee considered the instrument on 18 June and determined that it did not need to draw the attention of Parliament to the instrument on any grounds within its remit. If it is approved, the instrument is due to come into force on Friday of this week. As members have no comments, does the committee agree to make no recommendation on the instrument?

Members indicated agreement.

Thank you very much.