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Health, Social Care and Sport Committee

Health inequalities


We are undertaking an inquiry into health inequalities in Scotland.

Public Health Scotland define health inequalities as the “avoidable and unjust differences in people’s health across the population.”

Some variations in health may be naturally occurring and unavoidable. However, health inequalities are defined as such when they affect certain groups in a way that is unfair and avoidable.


This inquiry will explore:

  • progress towards tackling health inequalities in Scotland since 2015
  • any cross-sectoral work undertaken over that time period to address social inequalities
  • what impact any work undertaken has had on health inequalities
  • opportunities to reduce health inequalities and increase preventative work to tackle social inequalities before they impact on individuals’ health
  • what is needed at a policy level to improve the situation, making recommendations for the Scottish Government and other key decision-makers involved in policy development
  • how third sector, local government and others might also help tackle health inequalities

In addition, this inquiry will explore what positive and negative impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on health inequalities and action to address them. It will seek to sustain and maintain any progress achieved during the pandemic in addressing health inequalities as well as exploring how tackling health inequalities can be prioritised during COVID-19 recovery.

Your views

The call for views closed on 11 February 2022. You can read the responses here: Published responses for Inquiry into health inequalities - Scottish Parliament - Citizen Space

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