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Bills and Laws

Gender Representation on Public Boards (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill

The Bill removes the definition of “woman” from the Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act 2018.

The Bill is at Stage 3


Stage 2 - Changes to detail

MSPs can propose changes (“amendments”) to the Bill. The amendments are considered and decided on by a committee.

The Bill ended Stage 2 on 30 April 2024

Stage 2 deadline

On 17 April 2024, Parliament agreed motion S6M-12869, that consideration of the Gender Representation on Public Boards (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill at stage 2 be completed by 3 May 2024.


Committee correspondence sent and received while the Bill progressed through Parliament

Meeting on amendments

No amendments were submitted ahead of Stage 2 proceedings.

Meeting on 30 April 2024

Read the minutes of proceedings

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Bill as amended at Stage 2

No amendments were made to the Bill at Stage 2.

The Bill as Introduced remained the current version of the Bill.