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Disabled Children and Young People (Transitions to Adulthood) (Scotland) Bill


The Bill as introduced aims to improve opportunities for disabled children and young people as they grow up. This Bill considers children to be under 18 and young people to be between 18 and 26.

Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP introduced the Bill because she thinks disabled children and young people need extra support to help them transition to adulthood. This will help them have the same opportunities as other children and young people.

The Bill would require:

  • the Scottish Government to have a strategy explaining how they are going to improve opportunities for disabled children and young people
  • a Scottish Government minister to be in charge of improving opportunities for disabled children and young people moving into adulthood
  • local authorities to have plans for each disabled child and young person as they move into adulthood

Johann Lamont introduced this Bill in Session 5, however the Parliament was not able to complete its consideration before session 5 ended and so could not come to a decision on whether or not to pass the Bill. This meant that the Bill fell.

Because of the short amount of time between the scrutiny of the Session 5 Bill and the introduction of the Session 6 Bill, the Education, Children and Young People Committee has agreed to consider the evidence received in Session 5 as part of its scrutiny.

The Bill fell at Stage 1 on 23 November 2023



The Member in charge of the Bill introduces the Bill and accompanying documents to the Parliament which publishes the Bill.

The Bill was introduced on 20 April 2022

Bill as introduced

Financial Resolution

The Presiding Officer has decided under Rule 9.12 of Standing Orders that a financial resolution is required for this Bill.

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