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International Romani Day 2019

That the Parliament recognises that 8 April 2019 is International Romani Day; understands that the event provides an opportunity to celebrate Roma culture and people in Scotland and across the world; notes that it was originally declared in 1990 to commemorate the first major meeting of Roma representatives in London in 1971, at which the Roma flag was created and the national anthem, Gelem Gelem, was adopted; welcomes the annual procession of Roma people through Govanhill, which took place on 6 April; notes that this was followed by a celebration, which included dancing, traditional food, speeches, and considers that this annual celebration is a significant part of the wider efforts to ensure the recognition and protection of Roma rights in Scotland and around the world.

Supported by: Ross Greer, Richard Lyle, Mark Ruskell, Stuart McMillan, Patrick Harvie, Bill Kidd, John Mason, Angela Constance, Stewart Stevenson, Sandra White, Gillian Martin, Keith Brown, Tom Arthur

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