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Who Owns Scotland?

That the Parliament believes that a modern, democratic society requires open and transparent information on the ownership, use and value of land; commends the report published by Community Land Scotland (Towards Land Ownership Transparency); notes the ambition to create a Scottish Land Information System (SCOTLIS) to provide comprehensive information about land and property; understands that the target to register all land owned by Scotland’s public bodies by 2019 is unlikely to be achieved; regrets that it remains difficult, time-consuming and expensive for citizens in Lothian and across Scotland to obtain land information, and notes the view that information about the ownership, use and value of land should be made freely available to the people of Scotland.

Supported by: Ross Greer, John Finnie, Alison Johnstone, Lewis Macdonald, Mark McDonald, Mark Ruskell, Alex Rowley, Colin Smyth, Jackie Baillie, David Torrance, Patrick Harvie, Monica Lennon, Neil Findlay, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Mike Rumbles, Gail Ross, Angela Constance, Claudia Beamish, Rhoda Grant, Elaine Smith, Pauline McNeill

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 12/03/2019
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