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St Catharine’s Convent

That the Parliament recognises the contribution of the Mercy Project, which is run by the Sisters of Mercy at St Catharine’s Convent in Edinburgh, and is marking its silver jubilee, following its launch in April 1993; understands that the project offers meals, friendship and broad practical support to homeless and other marginalised citizens, and commends what it sees as the ongoing commitment and efforts of the convent, and the project's diverse body of local and international volunteers and third-sector partners, in the mission to alleviate homelessness and social deprivation in communities.

Supported by: Peter Chapman, Jeremy Balfour, Tom Mason, Ruth Maguire, Liz Smith, Bill Kidd, Bill Bowman, Miles Briggs, Ash Denham, Ben Macpherson, Maurice Corry, Jamie Greene, Sandra White, Alex Rowley, Stewart Stevenson, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Annie Wells, Gordon Lindhurst, Daniel Johnson, Neil Findlay, Clare Adamson, Liam Kerr, Jackson Carlaw, Alexander Burnett, John Scott, Maurice Golden

Current Status: Fallen on 24/10/2018
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