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That the Parliament notes that the village of Blairingone has faced many problems as a result of sludge spreading and other issues at the reclaimed open cast coal workings at Lambhill; understands that, although a condition on agricultural use was added retrospectively, this has been repeatedly breached; notes that, over the last three years, residents have been subjected to significant levels of noise; understands that, in 2003, public petition PE327 greatly contributed to the introduction of waste management licensing regulations; is concerned however that that a new application for class 6 storage and distribution could lead to an extra 100 44-tonne HGVs going through the tiny village each day, and recognises the effect that this could have on the small rural community.

Supported by: Margaret Mitchell, Peter Chapman, Alison Harris, Jeremy Balfour, Michelle Ballantyne, Miles Briggs, Jamie Greene, Maurice Corry, Bill Bowman, Edward Mountain, Murdo Fraser, Gordon Lindhurst, Rachael Hamilton, Liam Kerr, Alexander Burnett, Clare Adamson, Brian Whittle, Maurice Golden

Current Status: Fallen on 24/01/2018
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