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I Heart Castle Toward Campaign

That the Parliament notes the launch of the campaign, I Heart Castle Toward; understands that this has brought together a range of talented and creative individuals, all of whom are aware of the profound and inspirational effect that the castle has had on the generations of young people who were given the opportunity to express themselves in that special place; believes that the campaign hopes to persuade Argyll and Bute Council to halt the sale process to an individual and to open negotiations regarding the purchase of the building with this wider grouping, which seeks to both re-establish it as a centre of excellence for creative education and to involve the community that has worked hard to purchase the property, and urges the leadership of the council to act accordingly and listen to what it believes is the vast majority in and outwith the area who want to see the castle put to these uses.

Supported by: John Finnie, Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, Bill Kidd, Richard Lyle, David Torrance, Angus MacDonald, Joan McAlpine, Anne McTaggart, Graeme Dey, Rob Gibson, Mike MacKenzie, John Mason, Stuart McMillan, Kevin Stewart, Kenneth Gibson, Jean Urquhart, Adam Ingram, Colin Beattie, Dennis Robertson, Nigel Don, Clare Adamson, Gil Paterson, Tavish Scott, Sandra White, Mark McDonald

Current Status: Fallen on 24/11/2015
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