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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Meeting of the Parliament 08 June 2016

Agenda: Business Motion, Portfolio Question Time, Queensferry Crossing, Named Person Policy, Business Motion, Parliamentary Bureau Motions, Point of Order, Decision Time, Child Safety Week 2016


Parliamentary Bureau Motions

The Presiding Officer (Ken Macintosh)

The next item of business is consideration of two Parliamentary Bureau motions. I ask Joe FitzPatrick to move motion S5M-00372, on a variation of standing orders, and motion S5M-00376, on committee membership.

Motions moved,

That the Parliament agrees that, in relation to First Minister’s Questions on 16 and 30 June—

(i) in the first sentence of Rule 13.7.A1 “30 minutes” be replaced with “45 minutes”;


(ii) in Rule 13.6.2 “6” be replaced with “8”.

That the Parliament agrees the membership of committees of the Parliament as follows:

Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee

Membership: John Scott, Rachael Hamilton, Stuart McMillan, David Torrance, Elaine Smith.

Equal Opportunities Committee

Membership: Annie Wells, Jeremy Balfour, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Christina McKelvie, Willie Coffey, David Torrance, Mary Fee.

European and External Relations Committee

Membership: Jackson Carlaw, Rachael Hamilton, Ross Greer, Joan McAlpine, Bruce Crawford, Richard Lochhead, Lewis Macdonald.

Finance Committee

Membership: Alex Johnstone, Murdo Fraser, Adam Tomkins, Patrick Harvie, Michael Russell, Neil Bibby, Willie Coffey, James Kelly, Kate Forbes, Ivan McKee, Ash Denham.

Public Audit Committee

Membership: Alison Harris, Liam Kerr, Jenny Marra, Monica Lennon, Alex Neil, Colin Beattie, Jenny Gilruth.

Public Petitions Committee

Membership: Maurice Corry, Brian Whittle, Johann Lamont, Angus MacDonald, Rona Mackay.

Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee

Membership: John Scott, Alexander Stewart, Patrick Harvie, Clare Adamson, Tom Arthur, Clare Haughey, Daniel Johnson.

Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee

Membership: Gordon Lindhurst, Dean Lockhart, Liam Kerr, Andy Wightman, Ash Denham, Gordon MacDonald, Gillian Martin, John Mason, Gil Paterson, Jackie Baillie, Richard Leonard.

Education and Skills Committee

Membership: Liz Smith, Ross Thomson, Tavish Scott, Ross Greer, James Dornan, Johann Lamont, Colin Beattie, Jenny Gilruth, Fulton MacGregor, Daniel Johnson, Gillian Martin.

Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee

Membership: Maurice Golden, Finlay Carson, Alexander Burnett, Mark Ruskell, Graeme Dey, Claudia Beamish, Kate Forbes, Angus MacDonald, David Stewart, Emma Harper, Gail Ross.

Health and Sport Committee

Membership: Donald Cameron, Miles Briggs, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Alison Johnstone, Neil Findlay, Clare Haughey, Tom Arthur, Richard Lyle, Ivan McKee, Colin Smyth, Maree Todd.

Justice Committee

Membership: Margaret Mitchell, Douglas Ross, Oliver Mundell, Liam McArthur, John Finnie, Rona Mackay, Mairi Evans, Mary Fee, Ben Macpherson, Fulton MacGregor, Stewart Stevenson.

Local Government and Communities Committee

Membership: Graham Simpson, Andy Wightman, Bob Doris, Elaine Smith, Kenneth Gibson, Alexander Stewart, Mairi Evans.

Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee

Membership: Edward Mountain, Jamie Greene, Peter Chapman, Mike Rumbles, John Finnie, Gail Ross, Rhoda Grant, Emma Harper, Stewart Stevenson, Richard Lyle, John Mason.

Social Security Committee

Membership: Adam Tomkins, Gordon Lindhurst, Alison Johnstone, Sandra White, George Adam, Mark Griffin, Ruth Maguire, Pauline McNeill, Ben Macpherson.—[Joe FitzPatrick]

The Presiding Officer

The questions on the motions will be put at decision time.