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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Meeting of the Parliament 08 June 2016

Agenda: Business Motion, Portfolio Question Time, Queensferry Crossing, Named Person Policy, Business Motion, Parliamentary Bureau Motions, Point of Order, Decision Time, Child Safety Week 2016


Business Motion

The Presiding Officer (Ken Macintosh)

The first item of business today is consideration of business motion S5M-00382, in the name of Joe FitzPatrick, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, setting out a revision to today’s business programme.

Motion moved,

That the Parliament agrees to the following revision to the programme of business for Wednesday 8 June 2016—


2.00 pm Portfolio Questions
Health and Sport


followed by Ministerial Statement: Queensferry Crossing


5.00 pm Decision Time

and insert

5.30 pm Decision Time—[Joe FitzPatrick.]

Motion agreed to.

The Presiding Officer

The ministerial statement will be taken at 2.40, after portfolio questions, and decision time will be moved to 5.30 in consequence. I am conscious that members will want to hear the statement on the Queensferry crossing and to question the cabinet secretary on developments. I am also aware that there has been very little notice of the statement, for members and for the general public. That is not the way in which I would necessarily want business to be planned; I therefore ask the minister and fellow bureau members to reflect on that for the future, as I will do.