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Chamber and committees

Motion ref. S6M-00731

Vaccinating the World

Submitted by: Pauline McNeill, Glasgow, Scottish Labour.
Date lodged: Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Supported by: Sarah Boyack, Katy Clark, Paul O'Kane, Alex Rowley, Paul Sweeney, Martin Whitfield

That the Parliament supports calls from the former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, for the richest countries to underwrite the costs of vaccine production and roll-out incurred by the poorest; understands that the need in many countries is urgent, with rapidly escalating fatalities in countries such as Tunisia, Malaysia and Namibia, which are experiencing their highest casualties since the start of the pandemic; considers that the effort required to prevent devastation in countries such as these goes far beyond that already committed to by the international community, and believes that underwriting the vaccination programmes of poorer countries would not only be the right thing to do morally, it would also be an act of self-protection.