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Chamber and committees

Motion ref. S6M-00387

Scotland's Potential to be a Rewilding Nation

Submitted by: Mark Ruskell, Mid Scotland and Fife, Scottish Green Party.
Date lodged: Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Supported by: Claire Baker, Ariane Burgess, Maggie Chapman, Kenneth Gibson, Ross Greer, Patrick Harvie, Bill Kidd, Monica Lennon, Ruth Maguire, Paul McLennan, Willie Rennie, Alex Rowley, Colin Smyth, Paul Sweeney, Mercedes Villalba, Martin Whitfield

That the Parliament notes recent polling, which suggests that the public, by a factor of more than 10 to one, supports the concept of rewilding, which is an approach to large-scale conservation that aims to reintroduce locally-extinct species and restore ecosystems; believes that, with community support, projects of this sort can bring benefits for climate adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity, wellbeing and employment, and considers that Scotland has the potential to be a rewilding nation, where social, economic and environmental opportunities are available much more widely across the country, including in towns and cities, as well as in rural and coastal communities.