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Chamber and committees

Motion ref. S5M-10945

UWS Student Retention

Submitted by: George Adam, Paisley, Scottish National Party.
Date lodged: Monday, March 12, 2018

Supported by: Clare Adamson, Tom Arthur, Colin Beattie, Graeme Dey, James Dornan, Kenneth Gibson, Jenny Gilruth, Clare Haughey, Bill Kidd, Richard Lyle, Fulton MacGregor, Rona Mackay, Ruth Maguire, Gillian Martin, Joan McAlpine, Ivan McKee, Ash Regan, Stewart Stevenson, David Torrance, Sandra White

That the Parliament congratulates the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) on what it sees as its continued strong performance in improving student retention rates; notes that, for the fourth year in a row, Higher Education Statistics Agency retention performance data shows year-on-year improvements at UWS; understands that it has one of the most diverse student populations in Scotland, with many being the first in their families to experience higher education and a high number of mature students; believes that it offers personalised, flexible, supportive and student-centred learning, which accommodates its students' lives, responsibilities and needs to help ensure their success, and thanks all at UWS on what it considers to be an impressive commitment to delivering an excellent student experience, which brings all of its learners the best opportunity to achieve their full potential.