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Chamber and committees

Protecting Animal Welfare after Brexit

  • Submitted by: Mark Ruskell, Mid Scotland and Fife, Scottish Green Party.
  • Date lodged: Friday, 17 November 2017
  • Motion reference: S5M-08973

That the Parliament is aware that Article 13 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union recognises animals as sentient beings and requires governments in formulating and implementing policies on agriculture, fisheries, transport, research and technological development to pay full regard to their welfare requirements; understands that the European Union Withdrawal Bill omits any reference to this Article and that an amendment to incorporate it into the bill was rejected, and believes that the protection for animals in Scotland provided by Article 13 is essential and that animal sentience must continue to be an underpinning principle of all future legislation affecting animals in Scotland.

Supported by: Jackie Baillie, Claire Baker, Claudia Beamish, Colin Beattie, Neil Bibby, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Bruce Crawford, Graeme Dey, Bob Doris, James Dornan, Kezia Dugdale, John Finnie, Kate Forbes, Kenneth Gibson, Jenny Gilruth, Mairi Gougeon, Christine Grahame, Iain Gray, Ross Greer, Mark Griffin, Patrick Harvie, Clare Haughey, Alison Johnstone, Richard Lochhead, Fulton MacGregor, Rona Mackay, Ben Macpherson, Ruth Maguire, Gillian Martin, John Mason, Liam McArthur, Ivan McKee, Christina McKelvie, Stuart McMillan, Pauline McNeill, Alex Neil, Ash Regan, Gail Ross, Alex Rowley, Anas Sarwar, Elaine Smith, Colin Smyth, David Torrance, Andy Wightman