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Sympathy and Solidarity with the People of Cuba, Hasta la victoria siempre

  • Submitted by: Elaine Smith, Central Scotland, Scottish Labour.
  • Date lodged: Thursday, 01 December 2016
  • Motion reference: S5M-02902

That the Parliament sends its condolences on the loss of Fidel Castro (1926-2016) to his family and the people of Cuba; respects the nine days of national mourning undertaken by the people of Cuba to mark the passing of an icon of socialism; considers that during Fidel Castro’s time in office, from 1959 to 2008, Cuba built world-class health and education systems and decreased poverty, despite suffering economically for decades under a United States blockade; further notes what it sees as Cuba’s impressive record of international solidarity abroad, including sending medical workers to the world’s poorest regions, leading the fight against Ebola and providing the largest medical contingent after the 2010 Haitian earthquake disaster; recalls the words of the late Nelson Mandela, when referring to Cuban volunteers driving South African apartheid forces out of Angola, that "the Cuban Internationalists have made a contribution to African independence, freedom and justice unparalleled for its principled and selfless character"; recognises what it sees as Fidel Castro’s individual contribution as a champion of global social justice and his maxim of "not an inch to imperialism", and believes that his legacy and spirit will live on in the many great achievements of the small socialist state of Cuba, teaching and inspiring future generations and showing that another world is possible.

Supported by: Colin Beattie, Neil Findlay, Richard Leonard, Richard Lyle, Alex Rowley, David Stewart

Amendments that have not been voted on

Motion ref. S5M-02902.1

Submitted by: Ross Thomson, North East Scotland, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Date lodged: Monday, December 5, 2016

Supported by: Jeremy Balfour, Miles Briggs, Alexander Burnett, Jackson Carlaw, Murdo Fraser, Rachael Hamilton, Alison Harris, Liam Kerr, Dean Lockhart, Margaret Mitchell, Oliver Mundell, Annie Wells
Current status: Taken in the chamber on Monday, January 1, 0001