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Chamber and committees

Bi Visibility Day

  • Submitted by: Margaret McCulloch, Central Scotland, Scottish Labour.
  • Date lodged: Wednesday, 23 September 2015
  • Motion reference: S4M-14362

That the Parliament recognises 23 September 2015 as Bi Visibility Day, also known as Celebrate Bisexuality Day and Bisexual Pride Day; understands that awareness and understanding of bisexuality is promoted on Bi Visibility Day; notes that the first UK-wide report focussing on the experiences of bisexual people, published in May 2015 by the Equality Network, found that 48% of respondents had received biphobic comments and 61% had experienced multiple discrimination; condemns discrimination against bisexual people, and hopes that Bi Visibility Day is a success in promoting awareness, understanding, equality and diversity.

Supported by: Clare Adamson, Jackie Baillie, Jayne Baxter, Colin Beattie, John Finnie, Patrick Harvie, Cara Hilton, Richard Lyle, Anne McTaggart, Elaine Murray, Drew Smith, Kevin Stewart, David Torrance, Jean Urquhart, Sandra White