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Chamber and committees

Loch Lomond Brewery in Aldi’s Winter Beer Festival

  • Submitted by: Jackie Baillie, Dumbarton, Scottish Labour.
  • Date lodged: Friday, 15 November 2013
  • Motion reference: S4M-08324

That the Parliament congratulates Loch Lomond Brewery on being included in Aldi's Winter Beer Festival, which will feature many renowned breweries from across Scotland; understands that the brewery's very own Kessog Dark Ale will be featured in the festival; further congratulates the brewery on what it considers its rapid recognition as a distinguished microbrewery, having been selected for Aldi’s Winter Beer Festival after only two years in business; understands that the 2013 festival is estimated to be worth at least £96,000 to Scotland's breweries; acknowledges the value of the festival to microbreweries in Scotland, and commends Loch Lomond Brewery on a very successful year of craftsmanship as demonstrated by the quality ales that have resulted.

Supported by: Clare Adamson, Colin Beattie, Jackson Carlaw, Nigel Don, Jim Eadie, Annabelle Ewing, Mary Fee, Patricia Ferguson, John Finnie, Annabel Goldie, Jamie Hepburn, Richard Lyle, Gordon MacDonald, Mike MacKenzie, Stewart Maxwell, Mark McDonald, Margaret McDougall, Jamie McGrigor, Aileen McLeod, Stuart McMillan, Anne McTaggart, Gil Paterson, Richard Simpson, David Stewart, Kevin Stewart, David Torrance, Jean Urquhart, Maureen Watt, Sandra White