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Chamber and committees

  • Submitted by: Annie Wells, Glasgow, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.
  • Date lodged: Tuesday, 17 January 2023
  • Motion reference: S6M-07543

That the Parliament congratulates the play team staff at Glasgow Royal Hospital, which has introduced a special tree to help children feel calm during cancer treatment; understands that the tree has brave branches that allow children and their families to add their handprints or anything else that is special to them as leaves; further understands that while the play team is associated with making sure children can have fun while having treatment, it also educates children about their illness in a way that they can understand and provides support for families, and notes that the branches of brave idea was created by Emma McWilliam, a health play assistant in the Royal Hospital for Children's (RHC) paediatric intensive care unit, and that it is hoped that the branches of brave tree will demonstrate to children that it is okay to be scared and share their feelings.

Supported by: Karen Adam, Jeremy Balfour, Colin Beattie, Miles Briggs, Alexander Burnett, Finlay Carson, Maggie Chapman, Bob Doris, Sharon Dowey, Russell Findlay, Maurice Golden, Pam Gosal, Dr. Sandesh Gulhane, Craig Hoy, Liam Kerr, Stephen Kerr, Bill Kidd, Douglas Lumsden, Ruth Maguire, Stuart McMillan, Douglas Ross, Alexander Stewart, Paul Sweeney, Mercedes Villalba, Brian Whittle