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Chamber and committees

Motion ref. S6M-05182

Russia Must Take Responsibility for MH17 Mass Murder

Submitted by: Kenneth Gibson, Cunninghame North, Scottish National Party.
Date lodged: Friday, July 1, 2022

Supported by: Clare Adamson, Stephanie Callaghan, Maggie Chapman, James Dornan, Jackie Dunbar, Bill Kidd, Ruth Maguire, Gillian Martin, John Mason, Audrey Nicoll, Paul Sweeney, David Torrance

That the Parliament marks with sadness the eighth anniversary of the unprovoked shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 by what it believes was a Russian army-owned Buk surface-to-air missile from a farm near Pervomaisk, an area in the Donbas region that was under control of pro-Russian forces, as it was travelling above Kursk from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on 17 July 2014, resulting in 298 deaths, including 15 crew members and 80 children; acknowledges the ongoing criminal trial at the District Court of The Hague brought by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service against the four suspects, four Russian and one Ukrainian, which commenced on 7 June 2021, with proceedings scheduled to resume in the autumn and a judgement anticipated to be delivered before the end of 2022; recognises the ongoing case with the European Court of Human Rights of the inter-state application that the Netherlands submitted against the Russian Federation on 10 July 2020 for its role in the downing of flight MH17, now joined with a Ukrainian application; understands that, on 14 March 2022, the Netherlands and Australia initiated legal proceedings before the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) against the Russian Federation for its role in the downing of flight MH17; continues to support not only the Dutch victims and families but all 298 MH17 victims, of 17 different nationalities, and their loved ones; backs the Netherlands, Ukraine, Australia and other engaging parties in their continued pursuit of truth, justice and accountability; urges Vladimir Putin to cease what it considers a senseless ongoing campaign of bloodshed for the purpose of expansion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, and to accept responsibility for what it considers a heinous act of terrorism and to help secure justice for the victims of MH17 and their families, and expresses Scotland’s continuing sympathy to everyone whose lives have been impacted by this senseless act of mass murder.