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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Meeting of the Parliament (Virtual) 26 January 2021

Agenda: Time for Reflection, Business Motion, Topical Question Time, Covid-19, Scotland’s Vision for Trade, University of St. Andrews (Degrees in Medicine and Dentistry) Bill: Stage 1, Post-mortem Examinations (Defence Time Limit) (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1, Decision Time


Business Motion

The next item of business is consideration of business motion S5M-23697, in the name of Graeme Dey, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, which sets out a revision to this week’s business and a suspension of the standing orders.

Motion moved,

That the Parliament agrees—

(a) to the following revision to the programme of business on Wednesday 27 January 2021—


5.40 pm Decision Time

and insert

5.25 pm Decision Time

and (b) that, for the purposes of consideration of the University of St. Andrews (Degrees in Medicine and Dentistry) Bill at stage 1, Rule 9.6.3A be suspended.—[Graeme Dey]

There is no indication in the chat function that any member wishes to speak against the motion.

The question is, that motion S5M-23697 be agreed to.

In this case, only if they disagree with the motion should members indicate anything in the chat function, by typing “N”.

No member has indicated that they disagree with the motion.

Motion agreed to.