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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Meeting of the Parliament 25 May 2016

Agenda: Business Motion, First Minister’s Statement: Taking Scotland Forward, Taking Scotland Forward, Business Motion, Parliamentary Bureau Motions, Decision Time


Parliamentary Bureau Motions

The next item of business is consideration of four Parliamentary Bureau motions.

I ask Joe FitzPatrick to move motion S5M-00184, on First Minister’s questions, portfolio questions and general questions; motion S5M-00185, on a variation of standing orders; motion S5M-00186, on the office of the clerk; and motion S5M-00187, on parliamentary recess dates.

Motions moved,

That the Parliament agrees that the period for Members to—

lodge a First Minister’s Question for answer on Thursday 2 June should end at 9.30am on Tuesday 31 May;

submit their names for Portfolio and General Questions on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 June should end at 4.30pm on Thursday 26 May.

That the Parliament agrees that, in relation to First Minister’s Questions on 2 and 9 June—

(i) in the first sentence of Rule 13.7.A1 “30 minutes” be replaced with “45 minutes”;


(ii) in Rule 13.6.2 “6” be replaced with “8”.

That the Parliament agrees that, between 31 May 2016 and 3 January 2017, the Office of the Clerk will be open on all days except: Saturdays and Sundays, 2 December 2016, 23 December (pm), 26 and 27 December 2016, 2 and 3 January 2017.

That the Parliament agrees the following parliamentary recess dates under Rule 2.3.1: 2 July to 4 September 2016 (inclusive), 8 to 23 October 2016 (inclusive) and 24 December 2016 to 8 January 2017 (inclusive).—[Joe FitzPatrick]

The question on the motions will be put at decision time.